Chrome apps could be coming to iOS and Android early next year

Chrome apps could be coming to iOS and Android early next year

Google announced the next generation of Chrome Apps back in September, which could make Chrome extremely powerful, with a full range of apps that sync across devices and work offline. Now it seems Google is preparing to bring Chrome apps to iOS and Android.

The Next Web found a GitHub repository called ‘Mobile Chrome Apps.’ GitHub is a service that hosts software development projects, and the most popular for open source projects. The documentation found in this repository suggests that Chrome apps for iOS and Android will be good enough to release through Google Play
and the App Store.

Chrome apps for iOS and Android would mean easy synchronization across platforms. You could pick up as soon wherever you left off, on pretty much any device, which would make Chrome a very potent eco system. First betas of the project are expected in early 2014.

Google is working across the board to strengthen Chrome, and make its suite of apps as attractive as possible. Chrome OS has not proved as popular with consumers as Google hoped, but a new tactic seems to be Chrome plus Chrome apps as a way to lock users in to Google services.


[Source: The Next Web]

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